Mosaic Minerals Project

The CANALASK property is made up of 16 mining claims covering 770 hectares to the North West shore of Lake Dunphy located 150 km NNW of Shefferville in SNRC 24B04. The claims are 100% owned by Mosaic Minerals.

The Canalask Property assemblage was made up after an extensive compilation work done by Mosaic Minerals of all available mineral showings listed in the Quebec Ministère de l’Énergie et Ressources data base in Quebec.

The CANALASK Property encloses 2well documented multi-metallic showings namely, the CANALASK and the LAC DUNPHY surface Cu-Zn-Ag-Au showings.

The mineralization of the CANALASK showing is described in the Ministère de l’Énergie et des RessourcesNaturelles of Québec’s archive as being of veins type at the contact of a gabbro and a mudstone unit and consist of chalcopyrite, malachite, and minor bornite. Historically, a surface chipped channel sample grading 8% Zn, 0.90% Cu, 62.0g/t Ag and 1.25 g/t Au over 30 meters is reported and well documented.

For its part, the mineralization of the Lac Dunphy showing is described as of stratiform type, oriented N1950-2100. It is characterized by mineralized bands of massive calcite of centimetric to decametric width. The main horizon can be observed on as long as 45 metres over width of 0.25 up to 1.0 metre. On that structure, a chosen grab sample reported 18.25% Cu and a drill hole reported grades of 10.45% Cu, 0.17g/t Au, 18.5 g/t Ag over 0.5 metre. In addition, the Lac Dunphy showings returned grades of 3.63% Cu, 8.4 g / t Ag over 1 m, (trench); 4.99% Cu, 17.6 g / t Ag

The polymetallic type mineralization is of certain interest, the mineralized showings of this type found so far indicate that this is a regional phenomenon involving appreciable quantities of metals. Local and economic concentrations can therefore be born from this mineralizing phase. The property appears to us as a particularly favorable prospecting place.

Junior Exploration Canalask Project - Mosaic Minerals Corp