• 194 claims – 10,864 Ha.
  • Located 40 km north of the Quévillon mining area. This project is easily accessible by forest and secondary roads connecting Quévillon to Matagami
  • A vast granitic batholith in contact with volcanics containing several pegmatites with lithium anomalies (rock samples-MERN) ranging from 50 to 299 PPM in LI and 330 PPM in Rb as well as anomalies in tantalum and tin have been identified by historical exploration.
  • Extensive exploration program planned for summer 2023
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The Lithium SM property, 20 kilometers long by approximately 10 kilometers high, is intersected in its center by a EW fault as well as by a few faults trending ENE. In the southern part of the property, numerous lithium anomalies associated directly with pegmatites currently suggest a favorable horizon of more than 5 kilometers.

  • Multiple mapped pegmatite/felsic intrusives that have not yet been assayed for Li
  • 299ppm Li in a felsic intrusion to the south of the property –follow-up required

At the center of the project, a volcanic band runs east to west along a high-intensity magnetic anomaly. Several electromagnetic conductors (inputs) are twinned with this volcanic horizon and this magnetic anomaly. The showings composed of strategic minerals in Cu, Zn, Ni and Li seem to be associated with this corridor.

Very little historical work has been done on this project over the years. A few holes completed in the 1970s returned anomalous zinc and copper values in zones strongly mineralized in pyrite and pyrrhotite. The lack of prospecting in the past, however, offers very interesting discovery potential for the entire property. Following the development of several logging roads in recent decades, the Lithium SM project is currently very accessible. The bedrock uncovered by the various forestry works now outcrops in several places, which favors better sampling and better prospecting.

An extensive exploration program is planned for Summer 2023.

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