the story of mosaic minerals corp.


Mosaic Minerals Corp is a mineral exploration company operating primarily in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Canada is one of the most politically stable countries in the world and the Province of Quebec is a very welcoming jurisdiction in terms of the development of its mineral resources. The Quebec government’s mining policies most are amongst the most dynamic and mining-friendly, not just in Canada but worldwide, actively promoting mineral exploration and mining development in all regions of the province and particularly in the northern region. This is undisputed among industry participants.

Mosaic’s main objectives are the research, exploration and development of critical and base metal projects focusing primarily on lithium, copper and nickel. Mosaic believes that these metals will be in increasing demand with growing current demands and the long-term, accelerating technical development of the modern electrical industry including specifically the automotive and power sports industry.

Nickel consumed by the battery industry currently represents less than 5% of global annual production (2020) but this is expected to increase dramatically over the next number of years.

“Nickel will shine, but it could be a bumpy road,” warns British analyst Roskill, a leader in critical materials supply chain intelligence. “Production will have to increase to meet demand from the battery industry. Today, 200,000 tons are needed, nearly 2 million tons will be needed in 2030, ten times more,” concludes commodity analyst and economic geologist Christian Hocquard. Hocquard’s figures correspond to the estimate of analysts at Roskill.

Acknowledging this changing reality, Mosaic’s management believes that investing in base metals exploration specifically focused on minerals needed by these new growth industries presents strategic opportunities for the appreciation of shareholder value in the short and medium term.

In the longer term and based on achieving significant exploration results, Mosaic’s management, as a fundamental growth policy, will seek strategic production partners for the advanced development and production of discovered resources.